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Xpert Editorial is a Brisbane-based specialist provider of corporate document editing, proofreading and design services
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I can help you turn words to your advantage

In business, first impressions are everything! The way you communicate in your business documents, marketing materials, CVs and other writing can have a huge effect on your credibility and chances of success.

That’s where ‘fine-tooth comb’ jobs like editing, proofreading and desktop publishing become so vital.

There’s just one problem!

Few people or smaller businesses have the time, budget, resources or expertise to ensure things like grammar, punctuation, logical flow of ideas and visual presentation are all at their sparkling best. This is where I can help.

Give your writing a professional makeover

I’m Renée Jasen, an experienced freelance editor, proofreader and desktop publisher.

I provide confidential and meticulous editing, proofreading, formatting and design services, specialising in business documents, marketing materials and other corporate documentation.

I’ve spent more than two decades working in marketing, administration and creative roles on ‘your side of the fence’.

With this experience, I can help you use those words to your advantage by getting your ideas across clearly, accurately and professionally, and at an affordable price.

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About me

Xpert Editorial is a professional and cost-effective proofreading, editing and desktop publishing service specialising in corporate documentation.


Proofreading vs editing

Not sure what type of service you need? Here’s a guide to the different types of editing services I can provide for you.