How I work

Think I might be the experienced editor or desktop publisher you’re looking for? Want to know more? Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about my editing and design process, the file types I can accept, and how my fees work.

  • For large editing projects, I’m happy to start with a smaller sample edit.

  • I’m able to edit documents to suit either British or American English.

  • If you have a preferred or in-house style, editing and formatting will be done in adherence to that style so long as guidelines are provided to me up front. Typically, a real-life example works best.

  • If an in-house or preferred style does not exist, I can work with you to devise a suitable style to suit your corporate branding and ensure consistency within your documents.

  • I’m familiar with the guidelines outlined in the following manual for editing, designing and preparing documents for publication: Style Manual for authors, editors and printers, 2002 (6th edition, rev. Snooks & Co., John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd).

Document formats accepted

  • For editing projects, my preferred format is MS Word. This will enable me to use Track Changes so that you can view my edits, and accept or reject those changes as appropriate. It will also enable me to insert comments where guidance or advice for improvement is needed. Please note, however, that I don’t track formatting changes as this can make the final, tracked document look confusing.

  • Other file types I can work with include MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, text (.txt) files, Corel Draw (design/desktop publishing only) and Photoshop (image editing).


  • Each project is completely unique, depending on the size of the job and the level of editing and other services required. For this reason, fees are calculated on an individual case-by-case basis.

  • For those jobs where editing is required, it will be necessary for me to see the entire document up front (confidentiality guaranteed) before a fee is agreed upon. This will enable me to accurately gauge the size of your project, and to advise you on the level of service best suited to your individual needs (for example, you may think your document only needs a quick proofread, but it may be that a more thorough copy edit is required).

  • ‘Editing only’ quotes are based on a combination of total word count and the level of editing and formatting required. Other projects, such as desktop publishing, are typically quoted on an hourly fee basis.

  • For your peace of mind, I prefer to work on a fixed fee basis whenever possible.

  • All quotes are obligation-free, in Australian dollars, and do not include GST.

Got any questions?

If you would like further clarification of any of the above, or if you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

About me

Xpert Editorial is a professional and cost-effective proofreading, editing and desktop publishing service specialising in corporate documentation.


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