What is Xpert Editorial?

It’s a professional editing, proofreading and desktop design service specialising in corporate documentation. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Xpert Editorial is a one-stop-shop ideally suited to:

  • small to medium-sized businesses

  • home-based and “one man/woman” businesses

  • business people looking to make a great impression

  • academics

  • people and students for whom English is a second language (ESL)

  • people with all kinds of business and personal design/desktop publishing needs.

Local, national and international clients are all welcome (via email, telephone and Skype).

Who is Xpert Editorial?

That would be me – Renée Jasen. Over the past 25 years, I’ve worn a wide variety of wordsmith, creative and corporate hats such as Technical Editor, Copywriter, Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer.

More recently, I’ve decided to use my multi-disciplinary skills and my passion for editing, writing and design to help people produce material that is accurate, well-written and professionally presented.

I pride myself on meticulous attention to detail, and I understand how important it is to listen carefully to you, my client, and work with you in order to deliver an end product that best suits your needs.

My experience includes:

  • editing and proofreading (including technical editing)

  • corporate/business document writing

  • copywriting

  • desktop publishing and graphic design

  • marketing, administration and HR, including senior and management positions.

I’ve worked in a variety of corporate and technical industries, including:

  • mining and resources

  • accounting

  • construction

  • manufacturing

  • research and development

  • information technology

  • private post-graduate education

  • government.

Like to know more?

To find out more, discuss a project, or get an obligation-free quote, please contact me.

Why use my services?

My valuable know-how and experience can deliver you the best possible results and value for money.


Proofreading vs editing

Not sure what type of service you need? Here’s a guide to the different types of editing services I can provide for you.